OJSC «Holding management company «Grodnomyasomolprom»

Alcohol industry holding

The alcohol industry is represented by organizations carrying out the production of alcoholic products:

The area of the enterprises’ activity is the production of: 

alcoholic beverage products, 


grape wines,

natural fruit and berry wines,

 branded strong fruit wines, of the improved quality and produced under a special technology,

raw spirit and the spirit rectified out of the food raw materials, 

spirit vinegar, 

low-alcohol drinks,

soft drinks and kvass of fermentation,

grain distillate, 

alcoholic drinks from grain raw materials,

cognac and brandy pouring.

The holding’s alcoholic branch organizations possess their own brands, well-known both on internal and external markets: Bodrodar, VinCent, DelGusto, Za Bugor, PershachOK ad Dzeda, Algon.

The products of the entities have been repeatedly highly awarded at a number of the republican and international exhibitions, tenders, tastings, fairs.

Within the year of 2018 the enterprises have produced: 



  of spirit rectified out of the food raw materials 



of cognac



of vodka and alcoholic beverage products 



of low-alcoholic drinks 



of fruit wines 



of soft drinks 


The enterprises have undergone the implementation and certification of quality management systems on the international ISO 9001 standard as well as food products safety management systems based on
the analysis of dangers and the critical HACCP control points. The certificates acquired evidence the high quality of the output products.

Increase in quality and assortment 

The subordinate enterprises are constantly working on quality and competitiveness improvement of the production as well as on the renewal of assortment.

Within the frameworks of investment projects implementation, OJSC “Slonim Winery and Distillery” has developed the production of vodkas and  high quality hootch, produced commercially under the name “alcoholic drink from grain raw materials "Pershachok ad Dzeda Tradytsyyny" (ABV 42%) and "Pershachok ad Dzeda Liuty" (ABV 47%).  The assortment and the run of natural fruit and berry wines production, branded wines, flavored spirit vinegar and cognacs have been increased.

          OJSC “ALGON” Diatlovo Distillery has developed the production of «Crideni» cognac, broadened the assortment and the types of vodka packaging.

The emersed fierce competition on the market of alcoholic products demands the release of new types of production based on the implementation of the newest technologies. Kvass of fermentation "Risovit" on the basis of a rice mushroom produced at OJSC “Novogrudok Winery” is a unique natural soft drink, rich in vitamins B, E and C, as well as in organic and amino acids. The kvass has no analogues in the CIS and the countries of the Customs union. It is bottled in kegs and the PET – bottles which capacity is 0,5-1,5 l., and is used as soft refreshing drink. In 2015 the enterprise has developed the production of low- alcoholic drinks of fermentation on the basis of malic and grape juice.

Our production

Alcoholic drink from grain
raw materials "Pershachok
ad Dzeda"

branch “Slonim Winery and Distillery”


OJSC “ALGON” Dyatlovo Distillery

Balsamic vinegar

branch “Slonim Winery and Distillery”

Soft drinks 

branch “Novogrudok Winery”

Grape wines

branch “Slonim Winery and Distillery”