OJSC «Holding management company «Grodnomyasomolprom»

Foreign economic activity

The main export production types of the holding’s enterprises: 

animal oil, rennet cheeses, powdered fat-free and powdered whole milk, dry milk whey, cottage cheese, dry dairy and milkless mixes, beef, pork, sausages, canned meats, potato starch, ethyl alcohol, vodka and alcoholic beverage products, fruit and vegetable canned food.

Geography of export supplies   

Aiming at developing new markets, the enterprises work on the improvement of quality and competitiveness of the released products, in comparison with their foreign analogues. All meat- and milk-processing enterprises as well as the enterprises of alcoholic branch of Grodno region have introduced the Quality management systems on compliance to the international ISO standard of 9000 series. Moreover, all meat - and milk-processing enterprises have implemented the system of risk analysis and the critical HACCP control points. The maintenance of the HACCP system in a proper condition makes it possible to release the production, safe for people’s life and health, that is an important factor while developing new sales markets.

Nowadays the production of the meat and dairy enterprises, that is: animal oil, rennet cheeses, dry dairy products, technical casein, dry infant formulas, raw meats and sausages, canned meats, rawhide, -  is known in 36 countries of the world.

The predominating part in this list is assigned to the strategic partner of Republic of Belarus – the Russian Federation. The meat and dairy production is presented in the majority of regions of the Russian Federation.

Export geography of starch, fruit and vegetable canned goods and alcoholic products in 2015:
Latvia - vodka, fruit wines;
Lithuania - vodka in bulk, juice;
The Russian Federation - fruit and vegetable canned food, juice, nectars, potato starch;
Azerbaijan, Moldova - ethyl alcohol rectified from food raw materials;
Kazakhstan - fruit and vegetable canned food, potato starch;
China - potato starch.