OJSC «Holding management company «Grodnomyasomolprom»

Starch industry holding

The starch industry of the holding is represented by two enterprises: 

OJSC “Rogoznitsa starch plant” with                     “Borky starch plant” brahch ;

OJSC “Golshany starch plant”.                                      



The potato starch produced by the enterprises of the holding is an ecologically clean product, its production is performed without any chemical additives and admixtures added.

The enterprises specialize on the production of "Extra" and superior quality potato starch, and the modified starches. 

The entities have produced within the year of 2018:

10647 tons

of potato starch 

944 tons

of the modified starches 

­The starch produced is sold both on the market of the Republic of Belarus, and beyond its borders (China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Moldova).  

The use of starch 

For industrial purposes: 

- food

- textile

- paper

- chemical  and pharmaceutical industry 

- construction

- gas and oil producing  industries.

For production of:

- starch drinks (kissel) 

- puddings

- sauces

- biscuits

- candies 

- other products.  

OJSC “Rogoznitsa starch plant”

In 2011 OJSC “Rogoznitsa starch plant” has finished the construction of a new starch plant in Lyada village, Mosty region, thus having implemented the facilities to process 300 tons of potatoes a day. The production process is organized using the progressive equipment of the Larsson (Sweden) company. A newly created  enterprise of a potato-processing industry equipped with the progressive highly - efficiency technologies has allowed to reach the level of starch extraction coefficient of at least 95%, that is above the industrial one on the 8th percent point. 

The enterprise is registered under the trade mark of "Krakhmalych". In 2014 there was implemented the production of physically modified extrusive starches on the plant.  The uniqueness of this product line is based on the fact that it makes it possible to have an output of the products with different chemical and physical qualities while changing the operation parameters of the extruder. Such a product line and type of production have no analogues in the Republic of Belarus.

Our production

The potato starch

branch “Borky starch plant” 

The potato starch

OJSC “Rogoznitsa starch plant”