OJSC «Holding management company «Grodnomyasomolprom»

Dairy industry holding

The dairy industry is represented by six organizations performing the production of dairy products:

OJSC Volkovysk «Bellakt»;

OJSC «Molochnyj Mir» with Shchuchyn branch and Dyatlovo branch;

OJSC «Lida milk canning plant» with "Smorgon dairy products",  "Oshmiany cheese-making plant" and "Novogrudskie Dary" branches; 


The enterprises of the holding’s dairy industry possess their own brands, well-known on both domestic and foreign markets: "Molochnyj Mir", "Bellakt", and trademarks: "MiLida", "Lidskaja Burionushka", "Syrnyj Raj", "Smorgonsky kraj", "Syrnaja strana", "Novogrudskiye Dary", "NaDivo: kompanija zdorovogo vkusa".

The milk-processing enterprises of Grodno region have processed/produced within the year of 2018:



of milk



of full-fat, hard and semi-hard cheese



of whole milk powder



of whole-milk products



of low-fat cheese



of dry baby food



of butter



of powdered skimmed milk



of serum protein concentrate with 80% protein weight percentage,
and others

The enterprises’ products have been multiply honored with awards at numerous republican and international exhibitions, competitions, tastings, fairs.

The milk-processing enterprises are constantly working on the increase in volumes of export-oriented production released, the assortment renewal, the increase in quality and competitiveness of the production.

Baby Food 

In the frameworks of the Republican program “Baby food” in 2014, OJSC Volkovysk «Bellakt» has implemented the production of liquid and pastelike dairy products for baby food. The assortment of liquid and pastelike baby food is represented by the following dairy products: sterilized milk, sterilized enriched with vitamins, kefir enriched with inulin, kefir enriched with bifidus bacteria, cottage cheese, yogurt.

Investment projects completion 

Aiming to increase the production rates of cheeses in Grodno region, the investment projects "Reconstruction of the manufacturing building into the hall on the rennet cheese production, with a machine capacity of 40 tons of cheese per day” at OJSC «Molochnyj Mir» and “Modernization of the cheese-making hall with the increase of the capacity to 20 tons per day" at "Oshmyany cheese-making plant", the branch of OJSC “Lida milk canning plant” were completed in 2015.

The investment project "Reconstruction of salting room to the capacities of 60 tons of cheese per day, construction of the cheese storage room of 800 tons" was also finished at OJSC «Shchuchyn cheese- and butter-making factory» in 2015.

Dyatlovo branch OJSC "Molochnyj Mir"

“OJSC Dyatlovo cheese-making plant” has launched the area on production of "Ricotta” type cheese at the end of 2014. The enterprise has set up the production of the "Ricotta” type soft cheese, using milk whey as a raw material, and “Capresi” cheese in assortment. Soft cheese "Ricotta" is a dietary product. Its prophylactic and medicinal qualities are determined by the high content of vitamins, minerals, and digestible proteins.

Сonformance to standard

The dairy goods, produced by the enterprises, conform to requirements of Technical regulations of the Customs union (ТR СU 033/2013 "About milk and dairy products safety", ТR СU 021/2011 TR "About food products safety", ТR СU "Food products regarding the marking", ТR СU 029/2012 "Safety requirement for food additives, fragrances and technological processing aids", etc.), as well as to the existing sanitary standards and rules, and other regulatory documents.

Our production

Milk products

OJSC «Molochnyj Mir»

Cheese "Pesto Green", "Pesto Red"

"Novogrudskie Dary"